February 27th 2019: Hello World

Our homepage is on the way. We are already looking forward to our trip in summer and will always keep you up to date with the latest news.

May 2019: Successful “dress rehearsal”

From April 29th to May 4th I (Klaus) successfully completed an “extended material test”. With the rather lightly packed Gravelbike I left Sargans in the afternoon of April 29th – the weather was somewhere between constant rain and snow and to be honest I was quite happy when I arrived in Simmerberg after just 90km – but still completely soaked. There I was able to “recharge my batteries” at my parents`place and was in a good for the next day.

The weather on April 30th was similar and so after a first look out of the window I decided to shorten the stage of the day a little and take the train for the first 60km to Kaufbeuren. There I started at around noon at at least decreasing rain. The route via Landsberg and the Ammersee is scenically surely delightful – only I did not see much except different shades of grey colours. Only in Munich the sky cleared up a little. The rest of the day was mostly dry – in the valley of the Isen even some sunbeams even made it through the clouds. Nevertheless I was relieved when I reached my stage town Mühldorf am Inn. There my couchsurfing – host Irmi and Norbert – awaited me. Probably these are the two nicest people I have ever met. Many thanks for the great hospitality and the exciting conversations.

On May Day I started in Mühldorf quite early (after a delicious breakfast, of course, which my hosts had served me) and rolled along the Inn river with only one stop in the pilgrimage site in Altötting, until I reached Passau around noon. The first raindrops caught me in Passau, but the shower soon subsided. Via Hauzenberg and the Austrian Mühlviertel, I reached the Lipno reservoir on the Bohemian side and crossed it on a small ferry. The remaining 35 kilometres via the very beautiful little town Cesky Krumlov, which also belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage, to Budweis I enjoyed on beautiful cycle paths. My couchsurfing host Petr welcomed me with great hospitality.

The next morning, the 2nd of May, it started quite early again. Mostly on small roads and cycle tracks I rode through the lovely landscape of Bohemia in mostly clear weather, but also some small showers. After a rather quiet day I reached Pardubice, the city of the famous – infamous gallop race. Pardubice, where I stayed in a small hotel.

May 3rd greeted me with rather nasty weather. Accompanied by rain I lead most of the time along the young Elbe to the Polish border near Kudowa-Zdrój, the Polish health resort in the Table Mountain Area. After an extensive refreshment I rode through the spectacular, but unfortunately overcrowded national park of the area to the little town Kłodzko. From there it did not take long to reach my accommodation near Otmuchów.

On the last day of my journey I rode through Upper Silesian landscapes as if from a picture book. Mostly on were small side roads along rivers, canals, lakes or through hilly landscapes. After a short stop in the pilgrimage place Góra Świętej Anny I soon reached the first town in the Upper Silesian industrial area, from where it was only a stone’s throw to Zabrze, where my journey ended and I could embrace my loved ones.

June 10th 2019: The shirts arrived!

They had arrived already longer, but unfortunately I could not tell you about it on the homepage so far: We have received our “workwear”: Don Bosco Mission Bonn equips us with green “Srassenkinder” shirts for our trip. Thank you very much!

June 11th 2019: New sponsor: Sport Hauber Steibis

Sport Hauber sports shop will equip us with Maloja cycling clothing for our trip. Thank you very much for that.

June 11th 2019: New sponsor: Velo Plus

We are happy to announce that Velo Plus will equip us wirh Ortlieb bags. Thank you!

June 12th 2019: Thank you na-le unverpackt!

Na – le unverpackt will donate their tip to our project. Thank you very much!

June 13th 2019 Einsiedeln parish supports us

We are on their homepage! The alms in the sunday service on June 30th will be donated to our project.

June 15th 2019: Dialog Einsiedeln

Last saturday I, Klaus, was invited to join Dialog Einsiedeln`s “Erzählabend”, where Mrs. Dagmar Schmidt presented stunning pictures from her home country, Slovakia and do a short presentation of our spendenfahrt project. Thank you for the opportunity, the positive feedback and the support!

June 29th : Westallgäuer and all-in.de

Today online and print newspapers all-in.de and der Westallgäuer reported on our project.

June 30th 2019: Thank you na-le unverpackt

Thank you very much Pascal and Valeria of na-le unverpackt for donating your tips for our project. A total of CHF 380 was raised.

July 1st: Alms at Jugendkirche Einsiedeln

Thanks to all the donors who contibuted to the total amount of CHF 630 which were collected in the alms at Jugendkirche Einsiedeln

July 9th 2019: Einsiedler Anzeiger

Today our project is featured in the local newspaper “Einsiedler Anzeiger”.

July 10th 2019: Cakes and Donations

We would like to thank our present and future donators. Special thanks go to Marcella and Maria for their “Monday-Cake” campaign.

July 15th 2019: Allgäuer Zeitung

Today we are featured in a small article in the local newspaper “Allgäuer Zeitung”.

July 17th : Bote der Urschweiz

Today our project is featured in the local newspaper “Bote der Urschweiz”.

July 26th 2019: Kick off 🙂 (in 3 days)

Here we go: In 3 days we will start our tour towards Moldova. Keep your fingers crossed and visit our Instagram profile!

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August 21th 2019: Back Home

Dear friends, supporters, donators, instagram followers, supporters, dear everybody,

The Journey

In the following entries we would like to share a few pictures of the tour with you. We hope to give you a good impression of our journey.

Day 1: Einsiedeln to Simmerberg; July 29th 2019: 155km

First day of the ride: Thanks to our family!

Day 2: Simmerberg to Munich; 200km; July 30th 2019; 200km

Thank you Basti and Lucas for your company!

Day 3; Munich to Altenmarkt (with a 30km train ride): July 31th 2019; 190km

A rainy day in the mountains.

Day 4: Altenmarkt to Klagenfurt; August 1st 2019; 170km

A hard day in the mountains.

Day 5: Klagenfurt to Lavamünd; August 2nd 2019; 65km

During our ride that day it kept raining sheets. That is why we did not take any pictures.

Day 6: lavamünd to Kog: August 3rd 2019; 145km

Slovenia: A beautiful day!

Day 7: Kog to Slatina: August 4th 2019; 171km

Croatia: An easy day.

Day 8: Slatina to Kopacevo August 5th 2019; 110km

Happy Birthday, Hannes! A day with obstacles: Thank you Davor and Sasa. Thank you Jackie!

Day 9: Kopacevo to Cortanovci; August 6th 2019; 152km

Serbia: A “wow – day”.

Day 10: Cortanovci to Smederevo:August 7th 2019; 146km

Belgrade: A beautiful city.

Day 11: Smederevo to Donji Milanovac: August 8th 2019; 171km

The danube: A day out in the nature.

Day 12: Donji Milanovac to Craiova: August 9th 2019; 212km

Rumania: A long day.

Day 13: Craiova to Pitesti: August 10th 2019; 152 km

A lucky day: Thank you Cristina and Lucian.

Day 14: Pitesti to Bran: August 11th 2019; 120 km

A day with a view.Thank you Alex

Day 15: Bran to Gheorgheni: Augugst 12th 2019; 232 km

A beautiful day.

Day 16: Gheorgheni to Baltati: August 13th 2019; 182 km

A fun day.

Day 17: Baltati to Chisinau : August 14th 2019; 192 km

An amazing day: Thank you Sergiu, Calin, Mila and Vitali for your hospitality, for you kindness, your patience!

Centrul Don Bosco Chisinau August 15th 2019

Thank you, Don Andrei for showing us around in the center. We are sure the donations are well invested!

Orheil and Orheiul Vecchi: August 16th 2019

Thank you Calin, Brian and Ruben for this wonderful experience.

“TV – Stars”: August 17th 2019

Watermelons 🙂 Thank you Calin for the opportunity to be on Moldovan TV!

Castel Mimi: August 17th 2019

A “gourmet” day. Thank you Mila for showing us around!

Farewell and Journey back home August 18th 2019 to August 20th 2019

We want to thank everybody who helped to make our trip such a huge success!

Credits to our donators

Thank you everybody who has contributed to the donations for the childrens`shelter in Chisinau:

  • Gosia`s colleagues Manuela, Elsa, Rosa and Ruedi
  • Klaus` Colleagues: Silvia and Reto, Marcel, Marc, Florentin, Steffi and Matthias
  • Johannes` Colleagues
  • Oli from Bern, Stefan from Einsiedeln and Stefan from Wollerau
  • Mr. M. from Gross and Mr. K. from Einsiedeln
  • Gosia for being there!
  • Marina and Michael for everything!
  • Kulturverein Dialog and Parish of Einsiedeln
  • Class 2b of Stiftsschule Einsiedeln
  • Maria and Marcella
  • Oli and Annina, Ida and Kari, Mr. E. from Einsiedeln
  • 6-year-old Florin!

September 26th 2019: We are featured in Swiss bike journal “Fahrtwind”