As cyclists, we naturally like to travel in an intact environment. Cycling and camping are most enjoyable when there is no rubbish on the ground. For this reason, we want to minimize the waste generated on our trip.

Apart from litter we do not fancy heat waves, extreme storms or floods either. Especially while riding our bicycles or sleeping in our tents. Therefore we want to contribute on our route as little as possible to climate change and so keep our CO₂ emissions as low as possible.

So being on an sustainable trip is for us:

  • No use of fossile fuels: We will cook our meals with a wood stove whenever possible.
  • No disposable plastic: On our journey we will refrain from disposable plastic packaging and PET bottles and treat our drinking water with a water filter.
  • Preference to local products: Wherever possible, we will give preference to local products on our journey. Visiting local markets is one of the most exciting impressions of a trip anyway.
  • Return by train: We will organize our return journey from Kischinau by train. A train journey across Eastern and Central Europe with stops in Bucharest, Budapest and Vienna will add even more value to our trip.