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I grew up in the Allgäu region of Southern Germany. As children me and my friends spent most of the winter at the nearby ski lift, only hunger or thirst would drive us home occasionally. Later I started ski touring with my
childhood friends.

I then began to develop a passion for cycling. Encouraged by my brother’s success in triathlon, I also wanted to compete endurance sports. Although I started cycling at an early age, it was athletics that had been fascinating me even more. Long and medium distance running became my special disciplines. It is thanks to the extraordinary support of our trainer that we are still part of the local sports club and occasionally participate in competitions

After having finished high school I started to study business administration in Neu-Ulm. The dry study and admittedly homesickness finally drove me back to the Allgäu, and I gave it a new shot: I started my teacher-training at the University of Regensburg, and as a result of that this beautiful city became more and more my second home. In Regensburg I got married with my wife Nicole and our son Luis was born. After finishing our studies we both decided to go back to the Allgäu. The decision to leave this lively, cosy and beautiful city was not easy for us. Nevertheless, it was the right decision to give Luis the opportunity to grow up in the countryside and mountains. As a father, time is often very short, but I still try to live to my passion for ski touring and cycling. Preferably together with Luis…


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My little brother has already spoken about our childhood in the Allgäu, this little region in the very south of Germany. When I was 15 years old, I started doing triathlons – today rather as a referee however.

I like to be outdoors – on smaller trips on the mountainbike or racing bicycle and also on longer tours on the touring bicycle or on the tandem with my wife Mara. She was also the one who awakened my fascination for Eastern Europe, especially for travelling in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

I have never been bored on bicycle tours together with my friends. One of the reasons is that cycling can be a very communicative sport: You can tell a lot of stories during the hours spent on the road together. And because I enjoy telling stories so much, I became a teacher after studying biology and physics in Constance – a profession that I still enjoy very much. My place of work and life is now in Switzerland – in the village of Einsiedeln, where Mara and I have made a home.